Friday, February 15, 2008

A Sunday with Sandusky County Kin Hunters

One of the perks of doing an online blog for the local newspaper is that I have gotten to know some really nice folks. One of those nice people is my new friend, Phyllis (Hi Phyllis!), who belongs to the Sandusky County Kin Hunters, which is the local chapter of The Ohio Genealogical Society. They meet at 2 p.m. the second Sunday of every month (except December) at the Sandusky Township Hall on Oak Harbor Road.

Phyllis invited me to meet her at the township hall on Sunday to attend the February meeting. I have to admit it was nice going to the meeting knowing that I would have a friendly face to greet me. It’s not easy walking into a strange place where you don’t know a soul. I bet some of you feel that way too. Not to worry. As it turns out, the Kin Hunters are all friendly people, and they make you feel right at home.

Their speaker was John Tate, who talked about using various records to fill out a family group sheet. John kept the discussion lively and interesting (translation – John is knowledgeable and even better, he has a wicked sense of humor, just my kind of guy!). He will return in March when he will lead the group in a question and answer session. Members and guests can bring in their questions, and hopefully, John or someone in the group will have faced a similar challenge and have the answer. The March meeting should spawn some interesting discussions! That meeting will be March 9.

The cost of an annual membership to the Kin Hunters is $10 for an individual and $12 for two people with the same address. A student membership is $8. All dues are paid for the calendar year. If you are interested in knowing more about the Sandusky County Kin Hunters, you can stop by their Web site at

I walked into the meeting with just a pen and a notebook, and I walked out with an arm full of old Kith and Kin newsletters, a bunch of notes, an old picture (thanks Bob), and I hope, some new friends. Thanks guys!

Until Next Time – Happy Ancestral Digging

Note this post first published online, February 15,2008, at Desktop Genealogist Blog at The News-Messenger Online

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