Friday, June 27, 2008

A June Wedding

Last Friday, my husband and I had the privilege of attending the wedding of one of our favorite couples, my nephew Jeff and his new bride Lizzie. The mood for the evening was appropriately set by the simple ceremony performed amidst a summer garden, witnessed by close family and friends.

I would show you a picture of the happy couple, but my nephew warned me that he would expect royalties for any likeness of him found on this blog site. Humph!

One of my favorite moments, was my great nephew escorting his grandmother, my sister, down the garden path to her seat, and then skipping all the way back. The sight of a six year old skipping happily in a tux is just too precious to describe. I wasn’t quick enough to catch him mid skip with my camera – but below you get an idea. (Note: HE didn’t demand any royalties, thank goodness.)

While many brides and grooms request adults only for their reception, which of course is their right, Lizzie and Jeff did just the opposite. Because they both have young relatives who are very special to them, they centered their reception on these young guests.

There was a scavenger hunt, a kid’s menu, and a DJ playing the “Hokey Pokey” to name just a few ways the reception catered to the younger crowd. And the kids all loved it!

Watching my father twirl my mother around the dance floor, chatting with my own children and their special some ones, and seeing my three sibs and their families all under the same roof - well, you now know my definition of heaven. It was truly a special night.

I want to thank Lizzie’s family for hosting such a wonderful event – everything was post card perfect.

And to Lizzie and Jeff, I wish you the usual blessings of happiness, health, and prosperity. I would also wish you a life filled with buckets of love, but judging from the way the two of you looked at each other, and the warm loving glow that flowed through the room last Friday night, I think you already have the love thing covered.


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