Monday, June 9, 2008

A Sunny Afternoon in June

Usually I am not at a loss for words. But the tragic events of yesterday afternoon have left me without my usual form of comfort. Though I knew none of the victims personally, my heart goes out to them and to their family and friends.

Yesterday, a sunny, warm day in June, six individuals soared into the sky. One can imagine their smiles, the camaraderie of their shared adventure, and the infectious excitement of the youngest member, age four, who was getting a first plane ride. Of such things, we expect only happy memories, and not the tragedy that found them on a grassy field south of town.

To those they left behind, I offer my heartfelt condolences. I pray for their strength in the days ahead, and I hope for each, that the day will come when the memory of those they have lost will bring not heartbroken tears, but the soft smile of remembrance to their lips.

In memory of Gene, Bill, Allison, Matt, Danielle and Emily Rose – June 8, 2008.

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