Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Used to be Able to Chew Gum and Walk (Or why I can’t quite get the hang of comments and messages on this new website.)

Okay, let’s just say it. I’m a technology idiot. Ever since we changed blog formats, I have been struggling with the intricacies of this new system.

Early on people made comments to my blog that I didn’t see and therefore, did not read until weeks later. Now just so you know, comments are like catnip to bloggers. We ADORE them. We would gladly stand on our hands balancing an open full Pepsi can with our feet in order to get one little ole comment. Oh yes we would.

So, I felt particularly bad about not giving the proper “love” to those who commented. I resolved to fix the situation, by changing my settings so that I would have to “approve” each comment, reasoning that I would be electronically notified for approval and I could then take the appropriate steps.

Good plan – but something went amiss. Earlier today, I was notified about a comment posting. Excited I went to see and approve the comment only to find that there were TWO COMMENTS sitting there from the first of the month. Yipes!

So I quickly approved all three and I have written each person a note apologizing, but I wanted to say publicly how sorry I am that I didn’t respond sooner. I don’t know where the glitch occurred, but as soon as I post this I’m taking off the approval setting, and I promise I will look at least once each day to see if anyone has commented.

For those of you who like a post, but feel challenged by the hoops you have to go through to comment, there is a little recommend button that you can click on at the bottom of each post that will let me know that somebody read the post and liked it.

There is also a recommend button up at the top of the page that you can click if you like the blog in general. Oh wait, that’s probably shameless to tell you something like that. (I had a picture of the page with a red arrow pointing to the button, but that was actually too brazen even for me, but it sure made a nice graphic.)

Just so you know, I’ve cajoled, brow beat and threatened to set on fire family members in order to get them to click on that darn recommend button – talk about shameless! They all swear they clicked on it, but the numbers just don’t add up!

So once again, let me apologize to anyone who commented on this blog or any of my other blogs and did not get the appropriate recognition. I am honored that you took the time to comment, and I promise to try Do better in the future.

Until Next Time!

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