Saturday, September 27, 2008

Getting to Know Me, Getting to Know Desktop Genealogist

Something was missing. Like the midnight snacker standing before an open refrigerator, I had a taste for “something,” but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what that something was. When the News-Messenger advertised for bloggers for their online edition, suddenly it all clicked.

Overcoming my usual shyness, I submitted a proposal to the city editor, who requested a meeting and some writing samples. From that meeting the Desktop Genealogist was born.

Initially I had hoped to help other family historians better navigate the waters of Internet research. However, once I started posting, I realized the posts I enjoyed writing the most had to do with telling a simple story. Whether it was about a grandmother, an old church, or why my toes are deformed, the constant knot in my stomach dissolved and that missing “something” was suddenly found.

My friend Mississippi Terry, of Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi, decided with the growing number of geneabloggers finding their way to the Internet, it might be nice if each of us posted an article about our blogs, including an example of the brightest, breeziest and most beautiful of our posts.

Below are my own nominations for my best of the best:

Brightest Stories My Grandmother Told Me

This was written for an edition of Smile for the Camera. It gave me a chance to experiment with my tools for telling a story.

BreeziestOne SuperPower to Go – Please!

My answer to the question, “Why are you twitching your nose?”

Most BeautifulThe Art of Painting Pictures

Note my breeziest and brightest posts links take you to my original Desktop Genealogist Blog on the News-Messenger.


Terry Thornton said...

OHIO TERRY, Thanks for writing a challenge article to GETTING TO KNOW ME --- I most appreciate your excellent work and I'm happy to showcase your talent.

You know I'm so computernerdless that I've not yet figured out how to post at DG --- so I'm responding to your latest here at DGU. I saw that G.B.Gnome had come to visit and that you are showing him Ohio. Watch em carefully --- he is often up to silly tricks. Feed him well and send him along --- it will be interesting to see where he pops up next.



You can leave your comments on this website anytime.

I thought you did an excellent job putting it all together. You have much more ambition than I!


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