Saturday, April 18, 2009

Me – The Poster Child for ole Abe Maslow’s Theories

I have been anxious the last six months as I realized that my job, like that of millions of others, was in serious jeopardy. As the economy shriveled up like a stale French fry wedged in the seat cushion of a sixteen year old’s jalopy, my anxiety arose in direct and opposite proportion.

I believe I may have lamented in previous posts, that I alas, do not have in my repertoire, the normal feminine ingrained ability to handle several things at the same time, especially when I am under stress. (A notable genetic mutation, I’m sure.)

My point is, that during the last six months I have found it difficult to concentrate on enjoyable or challenging pursuits such as writing and genealogy. Two weeks ago, my anxiety reached its off key crescendo, when I finally got the word, that our client, whose account I have worked on for over five years, had fired us, leaving yours truly, without work.

Now you would think that the six months of anticipation of this very event would have been enough to cushion the blow, and that the shoe finally dropping would be somewhat of a relief, but you would be wrong.

The first week I sat staring blankly at the walls. I vaguely remember visions of “bag lady living” dancing through my head, and I’m sure there was some masochistic inventory taking, but mostly there was catatonic staring.

Before anyone sends over the cuckoo squad, I did eventually move past that stage, and into a more action-oriented phase, which after a few days of researching my options, made me twice as depressed.

Let me just say, it sucks to be out of a job no matter what your age, but if you happen to be over a certain age, it sucks doubly. If you doubt me, go ahead and look up the statistics.

Or better yet, if you want to really fall into a pit of depression, go ahead and read the advice on getting another job, if you happen to be over the age of, let's say, fifty. Whatever you do, don’t admit how old you really are or how much experience you really have, because employers DON’T WANT IT, according to the so called experts. As I said, it sucks. (Whatever happened to people honoring the wisdom that comes with age? Don’t answer – it’s a rhetorical question.)

Fortunately, after two weeks of limbo, the boss called with some project work that should keep me busy until the beginning of September. (I’m putting a note on my calendar to get the worry beads out come the first of August.) It’s not the same as having my own client, but I’m not complaining.

I also did some research on a couple of companies that I think our company should take on as clients, and my boss has already made preliminary contact with one of these companies. (And bless my boss, she was excited as I was at the potential.)

So I’m not sure what this means for my writing and my genealogy research. As Maslow’s theory pointed out, if a person’s lower needs aren’t met, they can’t move on to the higher need of self-actualization.

The point of this post is to inform any readers who are still hanging around, what was going on in here in TerryWorld, and the reason behind my continued absence.

I also wanted to ask each of you to show a little patience, a little kindness and some respect for your fellow man. It’s a tough world out there, people, and we need to understand that for some, it isn’t business as usual. You don’t have to be the solution for someone else’s problems, but you sure as heck don’t have to be the source of new problems either.

Until Next Time …

Note: For anyone who didn’t have to suffer through Psych 101 (or Marketing 101), you can read more about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, here. The pyramid graphic should give you the gist of it.


Randy Seaver said...

Hi Terry,

I've been wondering how you've been...I'm glad that you got a little bounce from the new work.

But going through the uncertainty is really hard, I know.

Hope to see you bloggingand doing genealogy more.

Cheers -- Randy

Terri said...

I'm sure to know you're not alone is not much help - I too have joined the ranks of the unemployed - and have been trying to find work since last July - Just remember this too will pass - and hang in there!

Dorene from Ohio said...


It is so good to see your work again! And it is wonderful that
things are somewhat looking up!


Thanks Randy, I appreciate your kind words. Your good wishes mean a lot to me.

Terri, I hope everything works out for you - thanks for your supportive words. I guess we both have to have hope for a better day. Take Care.

Dorene, my friend, thanks so much for posting a comment and always being the blogging buddy that picks me up.

Terry S.

Harriet said...

You have been in my thoughts and prayers since your last post. So glad to get an update.I hope your work will pick up.
As Terri said This too will pass!
I've missed hearing from you.

Dorene from Ohio said...


You and Terry Thornton in Mississippi were the first two "real people" I ever ran into online, who
helped me to understand the way a blog works. I have always thought of you two as my heroes!




Thank you for including me in your thoughts and prayers, and for your words of encouragement. How nice they were for me to read.


You honor me with such a wonderful compliment. Thank you, my friend.

Becky said...

Terry - take care of YOURSELF, don't worry 'bout your blog readers - the faithful will still be here when you are ready to return. I'm really glad to hear that there is possibly some opportunity for you with new clients. Best wishes and good luck to you.


Thanks Becky, for your support. You have a great knack for saying just the right thing at just the right time. I hope that you are completely recovered from your surgery earlier this year. :)

Apple said...

Hang in there Terry. I really hope that the economy picks up in the next couple of months and that your worries will be over.


Amen to that, Apple. I hope for everyone's sake that things start to improve. Thanks so much for your kind words.

Harriet said...

Hope things are going well. I have chosen you to receive the "One Lovely Blog" Award. You can pick it up at Genealogy Fun.

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