Friday, October 5, 2007

Some Civil War Facts

In honor of this weekend's Civil War Encampment at the Hayes Presidential Center's grounds, I thought I would share a few related facts.

1. Ohio sent 313,180 to fight for the Union Cause.

2. Only New York and Pennsylvania furnished more men to the Grand Army of the Republic than Ohio.

3. More Ohioans died from disease than were killed in battle.
(19,365 died of disease and another 11,588 were killed or mortally wounded.)

4. The deadliest disease for the Union Army (with more than 44,500 deaths) was diarrhea.

5. The Union enacted a draft on March 3, 1863 for men between the ages of 18 and 45. Each state was given a quota of troops to fulfill. If the number of volunteers was sufficient to meet the quota then no one was drafted.

6. The Confederacy's first draft law was enacted on April 16, 1862, called the Conscription Act. All healthy white men between the ages of 18 and 35 for a three-year term of service.

7. In September of 1862 the age limit was raised to 45 in the Confederate States

8. In February of 1864, the Confederacy again extended the age range from 17 to 50.

9. The state where the most battles were fought was the state of Virginia, which was the site of 2,154 battles.

10. Approximately 30,000 Union soldiers died in Confederate prisons.

11. Approximately 26,000 Confederate soldiers died in Union prisons.

12. The 72 Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry was organized in Fremont in the fall of 1861. 900 men left for Camp Chase on January 24, 1862. The following are those from the Regiment who died in Andersonville Prison.

Pvt. Alexander Almond
Sgt. William Baumgartner
Pvt. Simeon Blackman
Pvt. Michael Burns
Pvt. Patrick Donohue
Pvt. Eugene Frankenberg
Pvt. John Gullenback
1st Sgt. Daniel I. Haggerty
Cpl. Niles S. Haines
Pvt. William Hinton
Pvt. Owen Hudnell
Cpl. Edwin L. Hyde
Sgt. Sherman A. Jackson
Pvt. Robert Kelvington
Cpl. Martin S. Lochner
Pvt. George W. Lowe
Pvt. Noble Perrin
Cpl. Henry J. Potter
Pvt. John Purcell
Pvt. John H. Ross
Pvt. Conrad Sheller
Pvt. Henry Shook
Pvt. Platt Soper
Pvt. Solomon Stage
Pvt. Martin J. Staner
Cpl. Ferdinand Statler
Pvt. Warren Sturtevant
Pvt. Michael Weaver
Pvt. Luther Wentworth
Pvt. Eli Whitaker
Cpl. Andrew J. Zink

13. By 1864, Andersonville housed 33,000 prisoners. It was the fifth largest city in the South.

14. The last battle of the Civil War took place at Palmito Ranch, Texas on May 13, 1865 — a month after Lee's surrender. The Confederate side won the encounter.

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Note: Facts and Statistics were taken from the following Web sites:
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