Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Carnival of Genealogy is in Town

The Carnival is in town! The 36th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy can be found on Jasia's Creative Gene ( November 19 posting. The carnival is a group of bloggers who submit postings on a given topic related to genealogy. This edition was a carnival edition so there was no specific topic. Posted are 31 articles with 26 authors on a wide range of subjects.

Because this was an open topic, it's fascinating to see what each blogger chose to write. It's a little like peeking into each one's mind, seeing what subject merited their attention. Some of you will relate to Miriam Robbins Midkiff's, “Loving Genealogy …For Over 30 Years” or Lori Thornton's “On the Menu: Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner.”

Ever wonder about hog killing? Me, neither — that is until I read Terry Thornton's, “Hog Killing at Parham.” Randy Seaver's entry, “The Future of Genealogy — My Turn” talks about where he thinks Genealogy and the Internet are heading. Becky Wiseman's, “Are You Prepared? I'm Not” written in the wake of the fires in California and a tornado in Nappanee, Indiana is a must read for local genealogists — we see our fair share of tornadoes here in Northwest Ohio.

Jasia, the carnival's hostess at Creative Gene, wrote “You're All Invited to A Feather Party” which talks about a tradition in Detroit's Polish community. Jasia also linked us to last year's post, “Plan to Be Remembered” with ideas on how you can preserve today for tomorrow's family historian.

Well, you get the idea, 31 well written articles for you to read. So kick off your shoes, pull yourself up to your computer screen, and spend an enjoyable time reading some interesting, unique posts. My September 21 posting, “All in the Details” is also included in this edition of the carnival.

The next edition of the Carnival will be on the topic, Wish Lists. Goody, permission to indulge on my wildest genealogical inspired fantasies!

Until Next Time — Happy Ancestral Digging!

Note this post first published online, November 21, 2007, at Desktop Genealogist Blog at The News-Messenger Online

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