Friday, December 28, 2007

I Survived Christmas (Maybe I Should Get a T-Shirt)

Well, I'm exhausted. A month of preparing, two days’ worth of celebration and some heavy-duty clean up have left me tired with nothing to say. Yeah, I'm that worn out.

Al caught the cold that I thought I was coming down with (thanks honey) and has told everyone within earshot of his voice that I worked him to death getting ready for our parties.

On Christmas Eve, we had four generations of my side of the family and three generations of Al's. The next day was a smaller “party” for three of our grandchildren and their parents who could not make the previous night's celebration.

Noisy and chaotic, it turned out to be, in spite of all my fretting, a pleasurable two days spent with the people I love the most. It's at times like these I remember how lucky I am to have all the blessings that I enjoy. Isn't that what the spirit of Christmas is all about?

Now, I just need someone brave enough to let my youngest sister know that we all voted to have Christmas at her house next year. Anyone?

Until Next Time …

Note: I will be getting back to the business of genealogy in the next few days once I (yawn) am rested up from all this heavy partying.

PS for my brother: Did you recover from the piggyback rides you gave our grand nephews? Ibuprofen is a wonder drug.

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