Saturday, February 16, 2008

OK, Northwest Ohio, where are your poems?

Okay, Northwest Ohio - WHERE ARE YOUR POEMS???? I can only conclude that:

1. People who read this blog are poetically challenged.
2. The subject of the poem (genealogy blogs) left you cold.
3. You were way too busy to bother with something so silly.
4. You're shy.

I don't know which one of the above, but you forced me to twist the arm of a loved one so I could have a poem to put in this blog today. The person who wrote this wanted to remain nameless and signed it “your sad uncreative parent.” (Definitely NOT true.)
The nameless person said I could “feel free to tweak this, destroy, burn or any mode of destruction you wish.” I love it — would-be poets are so apologetic.

To write a poem with rules so just
Makes one's attempt a royal bust
It takes some thought and some trust
Putting ancestry and history to a test
And weave a story together at best
Makes rhyme, reason, and research a must.

I love you, nameless uncreative parent. I'm not sure if you saved Northwest Ohio's honor but your poetic skills are definitely several notches above those of your your poetically challenged daughter!

My friend Terry Thornton also took pity on me and gave me these two beauties. As he correctly points out, “I should have points given for even attempting to rhyme kisser.”
So true, Terry — there is something heroic (?) in that effort.

At the desktop sits Ohio Terry,
Writing, blogging often weary,
Genealogy tomes never blurry —
A quick post of the blog
A quick walk of the dog . . .
Writing never in a hurry.

Says the Ohio Desktop, "I'm a kisser!
As a car hop, I was a spiller
Which ruined many a'tipper.
Serving root beer
to any old dear. . ."
Got her to genealogy, she's a winner.

I love it! Thanks Mississippi Terry — I'm framing these babies!

This concludes our little poetry challenge. I bet you're just kicking yourself for not playing. Let’s never speak of this again. No really, I mean NEVER!

Until Next Time!

Note this post first published online, February 16, 2008, at Desktop Genealogist Blog at The News-Messenger Online

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