Friday, March 7, 2008

Oh No, They Didn't !

The 24-7 History Circle Blog ( had a short piece about Ancestry's New Volunteer Indexing Program (VIP) that they will be launching soon.

To quote Juliana, “This program will allow you to participate in transcribing selected portions of new record collections. The information that is transcribed creates an index of the collection that is searchable, thus allowing you to search for information about your ancestors.”

Hmm — I wonder where they got this idea? Not to be crass, but uh, what's in for me?

In search of answers, I clicked on the link provided by 24-7 ( The Web page claims loudly:


Then Ancestry goes on to ask the question — “Would you like to give back to the family history community…”

So let me get this straight. I am going to do their work for them, help them get indexes online more quickly so they can charge people to view these indexes and/or the actual records, and oh, end up paying my yearly annual rate with no reduction for services rendered?

Am I also helping to eliminate the job of some decent human being now on Ancestry's payroll? Am I being a tad bit cynical?

Who knows — nothing was explained. Maybe I shouldn't be so worried about those pesky details. After all, I will have that nice warm glow that comes from “giving back” to the family history community with the added bonus of knowing that Ancestry thinks of me as a VIP. Sweet!

And if you are buying all that, I have an invisible tree in my basement growing dollar bills that I would be happy to sell you, cheap.

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Note this post first published online, March 7, 2008, at Desktop Genealogist Blog at The News-Messenger Online

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