Monday, February 11, 2008

So Long, Farewell, Auf wiedersehen, Adieu

Eric, our intrepid editor, who for me has been THE FACE of the News-Messenger, has deserted his “bloglings” to head north to pursue personal and professional opportunities yadda yadda.

Like most of the other genea-bloggers on the Internet, I blog for the pure joy of it – although the joy is a little forced some days. And like the majority of my colleagues, I don’t get paid for the privilege of inflicting my sometimes skewed view of the world and genealogy on an unsuspecting public. But unlike the others, I had Eric, our editor, to share some of the little victories that this experiment of ours has spawned.

“Hey, our blog was mentioned on so and so’s blog,” I would email him, or “I was quoted” exclamation marks abounding – pretty heady stuff for a newbie blogger.
Though he would sometimes change my titles, Eric always knew which ones not to touch. And although he would occasionally correct a grammar or punctuation error, he never once changed or rearranged my words.

In one of my posts, I mentioned in passing that the editor might be mumbling under his breath over some of my antics. When the confirming email arrived letting me know that the post had been received it also contained the message “Only a few words under my breath this morning.” Don’t you love an editor with a sense of humor?

So I hope, dear reader, you won’t mind if I use today’s post to say a public “Thank you” to my friend Eric. Thanks E for all your encouragement and help. I’m gonna miss you, and I know that even though I can be a big PAIN, you’ll miss me and my little emails too. (I’ll betcha there is a manila folder with my name on it and the words CONTROL FREAK scrawled across it.)

The other bloggers and I have been left in the very capable hands of the assistant local desk editor who is probably wondering what terrible thing he did to deserve this fate. Don’t tell him, but I have Eric’s permission to torture him – okay, not exactly permission but close enough.

So best of luck Eric and - so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu! (Now aren’t you sorry I can’t embed sound files?)

Until Next Time!

Note this post first published online,February 11, 2008, at Desktop Genealogist Blog at The News-Messenger Online

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