Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Look What the Newspaper Fairy Left

Like an excited kid on Christmas, I wake up, rub my eyes and look to see what the Newspaper Fairy has left under the tree for me. Today, as you may know, is the BIG DAY! The new website is going LIVE!

I get online and hmm, The News-Messenger website looks the same. I click on the link to the Beta website, and yup, there’s the new version, but no NEW news as of yet.

There I am at the bottom of the page, a little smack talk beside my picture, and I think, NOW WHAT?

I believe the plan is for me to add my piece about why I love The Library of Virginia, but woman's prerogative, I’m putting this post out there first – loving LVA can wait.

As I understand it, I get to type my own posts now directly into the site. The editor, Vince, then looks it over with a “jaundiced eye” – his words, not mine. (Note, I’m not sure what a jaundiced eye is but I think it probably relates to his misspent youth, maybe some liquor, and other things too scary to contemplate.)

If it meets with Vince’s approval, he then presses a button, and presto I am posted. I bet Vince is snickering to himself and thinking, “now let’s see how little Miss Desktop likes all those links she is so fond of adding!”

The thing that has me scared silly is that anybody and everybody can have their own blogs now on the News-Messenger. I keep thinking about all those potential rebuttal blogs. You know, my husband, for example could post a blog called “Terry’s Husband Strikes Back,” or my mom could go with, “Ham This, Kiddo!”

Then there is my dad, my bosses, siblings, nephews, children, friends, strangers, and a whole slew of people who may have some unfair axe to grind with me. I tell you it gives me the shakes just thinking about it.

But the good news is that you, the reader, can have your own blog. All you need to do is create your own account (you have to create one anyway to comment), open up the blog tab, fill in a couple blanks and you too can be on your way to the fun filled world of blogging.

From what I can tell it works similar to Blogger, with of course the added difference of Vince having to press a button before it will post. (I’m sure he will look at your blog with his “good” eye – he still likes you.) Vince is an all right guy, who pretty much believes in freedom of speech, within reason. That you are reading this post is proof of that. (See Vince, I had a reason for poking you in the eye with a stick.)

If you do set up your own blog, drop me a link in the comment section, so I can come on over and leave my own little snarky comment on your blog. (Would you expect anything less from me?)

We all say we want change, but most of the time we sit around and complain about change when it happens. Here’s your chance to embrace something new – I know I am. Besides, I love the fact that Vince has posted his picture online. I needed a new center for my dartboard.

Until Next Time ….

Note: This post first appeared at Desktop Genealogist May 14, 2008

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