Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Delete is NOT an option

Okay, this post is only for those of you who maintain blogs on this newspaper website or those of an affiliated newspaper website. The rest of you can go do something else - sleep, eat, start a third world country.

Last week, tired and getting frustrated with trying to post an aethetically pleasing copy of my work online, I gave up and said, "Chuck it!" (Actually, I said, "Screw it," but I wanted to use something more family friendly and in keeping with my pristine image.)

I then, because the editing tools gave me this option, elected to delete the post and start again from scratch.

Finally, satisfied with the results, I tapped the "publish" button and everything was, how do you say, hunky-dorey. However, when I later pulled up my blog on my Google Reader, (What! Am I the only narcissistic blogger out there that wants to see how my posts look in Reader?) I noticed that the deleted post and the newly published post both appeared.

And the deleted post is still there, driving me nuts, staring at me with all of its larger than life flaws, begging to be deleted - WHICH I CANNOT DO!

Okay, let me take a breath. In the whole scheme of things, this issue rates a 1.5 on a scale of 1 to 10 for serious problems. BUT IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!

So, for those of you who blog on the News-Mess or one of its sister sites, know this. Once you push the "publish" button, that baby is out there in Google Reader land and no little ole delete button is getting rid of it.

Nuff said.

Until Next Time!

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