Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Alltop - (Me on the fringes of Cool?)

Okay, so keeping up with all your favorite blogs is just too much work! And your eyes glaze over when someone mentions RSS feed and feed readers. Well, do I have a website for you!

It’s called “Alltop.” They take a wide range of topics. Then they group blogs and websites relating to the topics and put them all together in what Alltop calls a “digital magazine rack.”

My friend, footnoteMaven, was the first to wonder over and check out the brainchild of Guy Kawasaki, Will Mayall and Kathryn Henkens. I suspect fM was instrumental in getting the subject of genealogy added to the topic list. Check out Ms. fM’s post, “All the Cool Kids (And Me).”

Currently they have about 223 different topics listed alphabetically and the list keeps growing. In addition to genealogy, they have such diverse topics as headaches, baseball, teen news, twenty something, and motorcycles. The topic with the most feeds is “Moms.”

What’s Cool: They display the last five headlines of a blog or website, and when you hover over the headline with your cursor, you can read a portion of the story. If you decide, “Hey, that’s something I’d like to read,” you just click on the title and it takes you right to that post! See, way cool!

What’s Annoying: They have a banner that floats near the bottom of the page, and sorry Alltop gurus; it does get annoying after awhile. (But I forgive you, because the rest of the website rocks.)

So, GO RIGHT NOW, and make a shortcut to Alltop’s Subject Page, or better yet, a shortcut to Alltop’s Genealogy Page – some of my favorite genealogy folks are there. And oh yeah, I made Alltop’s cut – sort of near the bottom, but I made it. How great is that!

Note: It's not the Desktop Genealogist Unplugged that's cool, but my original blog Desktop Genealogist. Hey, Cool is Cool where ever you find it!

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