Tuesday, August 19, 2008

His Eyes were Gray

His eyes were gray. A man of small stature, he stood five feet six inches tall. The recruiter noted his dark hair, his dark complexion. He was 42 years old when he showed up at the recruiting station in Chillicothe, Ohio on that March day in 1865.

In an area of the state where most men were miners, he listed his occupation as farmer. He had come that day with other men from Vinton County, many of them kinfolk. He was given a uniform, a canteen, a knapsack and a haversack. All told, the value of these items was $30.13.

His papers listed his place of birth as Louisa County, Virginia, a fact often assumed and now confirmed. A large X where his signature should have been, signified that he could neither read nor write.

According to his papers, he had signed on for a year. Lee’s surrender the following month ensured that he would not see the full term of his enlistment. On October 24, while stationed in Washington DC, he mustered out of Company D, 194th Ohio Infantry and out of the Union Army. He resumed his life as a farmer in Wilkesville Township of Vinton County, Ohio.

His name was Nimrod Nicholas Thacker. He was my 4th great grandfather and his eyes were gray.

Note: Yesterday’s mail brought the compiled military file of Nimrod N. Thacker that I had ordered from NARA This was request number five from my “7 Days, 7 Requests” series. Request number three also came back and unfortunately, they could not find a record of a marriage between Thomas Jacobus and Catherine? in Essex County, New Jersey for the time, I had specified.

You win some. You lose some.

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