Monday, February 9, 2009

Dear Internet – This is NOT my Monday Positive Thinking Post

Dear Internet,

I am having a bad day. I do not like Mondays. It is laughable that I chose this day of the week for my positive thinking posts. Was I not begging for trouble?

Most of the issues I am having are computer related, and while that might not sound like a big deal, it is. I make money using my computer and the Internet. And when I can’t log into a certain database in a certain East Coast city, I can’t make money. Wah!

However, the whole tone for the day was set first thing this morning, before I knew the universe was conspiring against me.

I did a dumb thing. I made myself a cup of tea, and put it into one of our mugs that we’ve had for almost seven years. As I am carrying the tea from the kitchen into the family room, I hear a telltale crack that should have been my warning that something bad was about to happen. But I am slowwitted and I keep on walking.

Actually, I got as far as one more step, when the side and bottom blew out of the cup, spraying the contents of what moments before had been boiling water, all over me. My left foot with its long Morton’s toe, along with one of Morton’s brother toes, took a direct hit of the liquid as it obeyed the laws of gravity.

Fortunately, though I am by nature a hillbilly (please no emails, I use the term lovingly) and start my mornings barefooted, this morning I had slipped on a pair of footies. Unfortunately, they are made of absorbable material and as I am jumping around in pain, it occurs to me that the biggest source of pain is this now soaked footie, which I immediately rip off. This turned the pain down a notch, but it still hurt. So I took an ice pack wrapped in a washcloth and put it on the burn to cool it down and ease the pain. Then I sprayed burn ointment on it.

According to the Internet, I should have run the burn under cold water for about 15 minutes, not used the spray, and then wrapped in non-fuzzy material (I had some gauze that is now wrapped around the two toes.) All the other burns were superficial. I suspect this might be a partial thickness burn.

Moral of the story - wait a few minutes before you pour boiling hot water into a cup. Then wait a minute or so more before carrying the liquid anywhere. If you hear a funny cracking sound, set the cup down immediately and step back. Learn to drink a nice cold glass of milk to wake yourself up in the morning.

So I’m cranky, I hate Mondays, and I’m setting down my Pollyanna persona that I’ve been practicing for the last few weeks, and taking a few hours to enjoy some well earned crabbiness.

My quote for today (oh yes, I have one) comes from my friend Leslie, who upon reading all the aforementioned catastrophes wrote me back and said, “Sometimes you just need to bask in the vat of crabbiness.” Indeed.

Tomorrow, I will post my regular positive thinking post. Have I mentioned I hate Mondays?


Tex said...

Maybe it's "in the air."
Last Friday I was "pressing" my coffee into my cup and the cup broke, splashing boiling water and coffee grounds all over my stomach (and the kitchen).
I feel your pain. Like you, I got out the burn spray--somehow, holding my tummy under running water for 15 minutes didn't seem all that doable.
Hope you're better--I'm almost over my grump. :-)

Cindy said...

oh dear Terry - so sorry about your burning water incident. But, I couldn't resist the "I use the term lovingly".. being in the hills of WV, I can tell you that while we would prefer to be called "hillbilly", the new politically correct phrase is Appalachian American :-))))))

I hope your tootsies are better soon. Have a great Tuesday!


Tex, how horrible. However, I have to admit the thought of you running your tummy under water for 15 minutes did make me smile! Maybe we should start a boiling water support group!

Cindy, though I am a couple generations removed (thanks in part to an adoption), I am proud of my Appalachian American heritage (Southern Ohio style.) It isn't that I particularly liked walking on stones, sticks, hot blacktop driveways as a kid, it's just that I hated wearing shoes more! Still do!

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