Monday, October 20, 2008

Terry Accidentally Learns How to Make a Movie with Her Camera, Hah!

Have I mentioned before that I have some kind of brain defect that causes my eyes to roll back in my head as I am reading an owner’s manual? I mean it’s all yadda, yadda to me.

So, the other night as I am taking pictures for my ‘autumn’s here” post, I was screwing around, uh, experimenting with my digital camera’s settings, and I accidentally made the movie you see below.

I want to mention that this is the very camera, that I asked Santa for last Christmas in the Carnival of Genealogy’s “Dear Santa” edition. Jasia of Creative Gene expressed real concern for someone who was taking pictures on an old camera that still used floppy disks. So Jasia, if you are reading this, I wanted you to know that Santa was good to me, possibly because I pointed out your concern to Santa’s helper, who just happens to be my husband Al. I pointed to your words and said, “See, people PITY me.”

So it’s been what, almost 10 months now, and I can honestly say I haven’t read one word of the manual. Now this is something that drives my husband completely insane. He LOVES owner’s manual. He reads them, keeps them all nice and neat, and frowns and grouses around if for some reason he can’t find them where he is sure he left them. He will say things like, “Someone moved my blah, blah, blah manual.”

Okay, since we are the only two people living in the house, we all know who SOMEONE really is, don’t we?

So when I showed him my proud masterpiece and admitted that I had no clue how I did it, predictably, he said, “You really ought to read the manual.” Hah!

As for the masterpiece itself, you can hear me clicking the “picture taking whatjamajig button,” which of course it wouldn’t do because the camera was all like, I’m making a movie, obviously. I am so proud that I didn’t utter any swear words. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to show you my accidental baby.

Of course, in order for you to see it, I had to load it on to YouTube. I entitled it, “Terry Accidentally Learns How to Make a Movie with Her Camera, Hah!” which is longer than the movie itself, and is, in fact, infinitely more interesting than the movie. It’s probably going to become an overnight sensation. CNN will want to interview me. David Letterman will ask me to read the top 10 list. And my husband will look at me and say, “Oh, Terry, I see now that I have been so wrong to smirk with an annoying air of superiority because I actually read owner’s manuals and you alas, do not.” (What! You think the “alas” was too much?)

Okay, now you see why I blog. I have a ridiculously rich imagination. Sigh . . .

Until Next Time!


Jasia said...


OK Terry, here's the thing. I'm happy that you got a current-technology camera. Really, I am. But girl, I'm going to have to pity you once again for all the wonderful video opportunities you've missed out on over the last 10 months! And all because you don't want to read the user's manual??? Heavens, even I read user's manuals!

I live in a half & half household. My daughter and I read manuals, my son and husband don't. I have to say that both groups find/learn things that the other doesn't. There is definitely something to be said for hands-on learning. My husband and son often find things that aren't included in the user's manual. But hey, I teach them plenty from the manual that they never figured out too!

If your husband is going to read the manual and supplement your hands-on learning with tips from the user's manual than all the better. But if he's leaving it all up to you, girl, you'd better cover all your bases! Read the manual and play with the camera to learn! [grin]

(It'll be interesting to see what you come up with when you actually try to make a movie ;-)


:-) Okay, you're right about the missed opportunities. On the other hand, there is a certain sense of unbridled delight at discoveries made by accident. I bet I went around for two hours, thinking - "Wow, how cool is this!" Of course, I might of felt the same rush 10 months earlier by reading the book, and I would have probably made a darn site more interesting movie. Sigh...

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