Monday, October 20, 2008

Geneablogger Tag

I’m working on an ongoing project that is tying up my computer, so I am a little behind the times in posting my response to a meme that has been making the rounds. Randy Seaver started it, and on it’s second pass to him he passed it along to me. Denise Olson of Moultrie Creek, also tagged my sister blog, Desktop Genealogist Unplugged. It would be rude not to respond, right?

10 Years Ago I...

1. Was preparing to move into a new house.

2. Had started a new job which I took after leaving a place I had worked for almost sixteen years. Turned out this was just the “rebound” job and I would leave it after a tough six months.

3. Was recovering from a trip I had taken with my sisters down to Florida to see our folks. As I have told my youngest nephew, no matter how much they beg and plead, NEVER take a trip with your aunt and your mom – that’s how much I love the kid!

4. Was missing my only daughter, who had moved to San Francisco.

5. Had given up figuring how I could manage to go to school AND work full time to get my Bachelor’s Degree. (A few years later, I revisited the idea and found a way to make it work.)

5 Things on Today's To-Do List

1. Catch up my “Desktop Genealogist Unplugged” website – the News-Messenger site is SO much easier to work with than blogger. So, I’ve slacked off a bit.

2. Go shopping at the farm market – hope they have red peppers.

3. Do laundry

4. Download information from my German friend, Siegfried

5. Get started on next’s months Kin Hunters presentation

5 Snacks I Enjoy

1. Ballreich Potato Chips and Tofts Chip Dip (or Sterlings) with a tall glass of Pepsi

2. Brownies with my mother’s “special” icing (Hint! Hint!)

3. Dove Dark Chocolate – my sister says a little is good for the heart –yeah!

4. Tortilla Chips with Salsa or even better, homemade 7 layer taco dip

5. Homemade soft chocolate chip cookies, or Cookie Lady’s chocolate chip and walnut cookies if I’m feeling lazy.

4 Places I Have Lived - (It’s suppose to be 5 but unless you count the hospital where I was born, I’ve only lived in four different localities and that was stretching it.)

1. Clyde, Ohio

2. Fremont, Ohio

3. Shepherdstown, West Va.

4. Green Creek Township (between Clyde and Fremont)

5 Jobs I Have Had... (I could have filled up the whole page, but stuck to just 5)

1. Carhop at A & W (which is why I can no longer stand the smell of root beer)

2. Bank – Checking Departments and Investments

3. Tax Preparation Instructor

4. Loan Operations Supervisor

5. Customer Service Positions – in Financial, Industrial and Construction industries. No matter where I start, I gravitate to communicating with the public.

I’m suppose to tag 5 additional bloggers, but I think after reading Randy Seaver’s recap, it would be tough to find 5, so if you haven’t been tagged, consider yourself tagged by me.

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